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Abir Hussain, Professor

Machine Learning Liverpool John Moores University, UK School of Computer Science & Mathematics

Abir Hussain, Professor

  • Education
  • PhD - University of Manchester, UK

    MSc - University of Manchester, UK

    BSc - University of Salford, UK

  • Technical Focus
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

    Neural Networks

    Telecommunication Fraud

  • Biography
  • Abir Hussain is a professor of Biomedical Science and a member of the Applied Computing Research Group at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. She completed her PhD study at The University of Manchester (UMIST), UK in 2000 with a thesis title Polynomial Neural Networks for Image and Signal Processing. She has published numerous referred research papers in conferences and Journal in the research areas of Neural Networks, Signal Prediction, Telecommunication Fraud Detection and Image Compression. She has worked with higher order and recurrent neural networks and their applications to e-health and medical image compression techniques. She has developed with her research students a number of recurrent neural network architectures. Her research has been published in a number of high esteemed and high impact journals such as the Expert Systems with Applications, PloS ONE, Electronic Letters, Neurocomputing, and Neural Networks and Applications.

  • Newest Selected Publications
  • - Ghareeb S, Hussain A, Khan W, Al-Jumeily D, Baker T, Al-Jumeily R. 2021. Dataset of student level prediction in UAE Data in Brief, 35

    - Alwan JK, Hussain A, Abd DH, Sadiq AT, Khalaf M, Liatsis P. 2021. Political Arabic Articles Orientation Using Rough Set Theory with Sentiment Lexicon IEEE Access

    - Alaskar H, Hussain AJ, Khan W, Tawfik H, Trevorrow P, Liatsis P, Sbaï Z. 2020. A data science approach for reliable classification of neuro-degenerative diseases using gait patterns Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments, 6 :233-247

    - Khan W, Hussain A, Kuru K, Al-askar H. 2020. Pupil Localisation and Eye Centre Estimation using Machine Learning and Computer Vision Sensors, 20 :3785-3785