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Munther Al Kadhimi, Professor

Biological Science King’s College London, UK Faculty of Biological Science & Medicine

Munther Al Kadhimi, Professor

  • Education
  • PhD - Brunel University London, UK

    MSc - Brunel University London, UK

    BSc - University of Baghdad, Iraq

  • Technical Focus
  • Immunology



  • Biography
  • Prof Dr Munther Alkadhimi has been working at King’s college London for more than 20 years Working in Academic institution at KCL and involved in supervision MSc and PhD students in UK and Iraq. He involved in Research and publishing more than 50 scientific papers. Being an external supervisor for many Iraqi PhD students in Iraqi Universities (Baghdad, kufa, Baserah, and Dayla ) and many had a chance to complete their degree project in our lab at King’s. Being a referee to upgrade lecturer into professorship at Al Nahrain , Kufa, and Basrah Medical Colleges. Being an honer consultant in Research committee in four Iraqi Medical colleges including Nurse college in Basrah

  • Newest Selected Publications
  • - Mousa, H. M., Jassem, A. N. & Hussain, M. J., “ CD14 expression and microbial infection in bladder tumours” 1 Jan 2017, In: Journal of Biological Sciences. 17, 8, p. 394-399

    - Hill, R., Quaglia, A., Hussain, M., Hadzic, N., Mieli-vergani, G., Vergani, D. & Davenport, M.,” Th-17 cells infiltrate the liver in human biliary atresia and are related to surgical outcome” 1 Aug 2015, In: Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 50, 8, p. 1297-1303

    - Blackmore, L. J., Ryan, J. M., Huang, X., Hussain, M., Triantafyllou, E., Vergis, N., Manakkat Vijay, G., Antoniades, C. G., Thursz, M. R., Jassem, W., Vergani, D., Shawcross, D. L. & Ma, Y.” Acute alcoholic hepatitis and cellular Th1 immune responses to alcohol dehydrogenase” 26 Feb 2015, In: Lancet. 385 , S1, p. S22-S22 , 61.

    - . Lin, F., Taylor, N. J., Su, H., Huang, X., Hussain, M. J., Abeles, R. D., Blackmore, L., Zhou, Y., Ikbal, M. M., Heaton, N., Jassem, W., Shawcross, D. L., Vergani, D. & Ma, Y.” Alcohol dehydrogenase-specific T-cell responses are associated with alcohol consumption in patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis” Jul 2013, In: Hepatology. 58, 1, p. 314-324